Brunswick Family Campground- Operating COVID-19 plan through June 10

Our Pledge to You

We are following the following protocols to protect your health and ours:

  1. Disinfecting the bathrooms once a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends.
  2. Wearing face masks while indoors and maintaining a distance of 6 ft from others.
  3. Washing our hands every thirty minutes, or, after sneezing, coughing, or handling food. 
  4. Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as waiver signing areas, pens, bathrooms, door handles.
  5. Adding porta potties next to each cabin and cleaning and sanitizing them after each rental.
  6. Revamping our cleaning products and procedures for cabins, bathrooms, and our campground store.
  7. Limiting the number of tent campers in the campground.
  8. Limiting RV site occupancy  to the members of a single household.

Guest Pledge

We’re thrilled to be able to have guests but we want to be safe and have enjoyable camping experiences.  We’ll continue to work to enhance recreation opportunities while protecting campers.  We need your help – please follow the guidelines. 

  1. Guests must maintain 6 feet of space between one another during your time at the campground.  Members of the same household may be closer to each other.
  2. Guests should bring face masks and wear them in the bathhouse or within 6 feet of those outside your party.  We ask that you do not enter the campground store at this time.  You may let the attendant know what you would like from the entrance.
  3. A maximum of five people are allowed in the bathhouse at one time, please remember to stay 6 ft from another person not from your household. If you see that there are five people in the bathhouse, please wait until one person exits to enter.  Please follow the posted bathhouse guidelines on the bulletin board.
  4. RV campsite occupancy will be limited to individual households (others are not allowed to occupy or visit the site); no groups or joint reservations.  
  5. Pavilions and the playground areas are closed.
  6. No day visitors are allowed at the campground at this time. 
  7. Guests are responsible for taking their trash to the dumpster. 
  8. Book reservations on-line or by phone as much as possible.  Walk ups will still be allowed in cases where cell phone service is not available.
  9. We reserve the right to ask guests to leave without a refund if the guidelines are not followed.

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